Oh my god!! Oh my god!!

Josh and I figured out a HUGE plotline!! OH MY GOD!

My NaNo CAN be done.

We have also figured out what her “familiar” is going to be. This will be similar to what her cat will look like on “Earth” and with matching bat-like wings in the DnD world (if you know the term, I ♥ you, seriously). Her name will be Pumpernickel, and she will be the cause of all the problems 😀

She had just moved to Seattle, having lived in Indianapolis her whole life. She’d only been there six weeks. She worked in a primarily male environment. It was a small company, and a large portion of them gamed together.
She was “crushing” on one particular. He asked her to join them one game night. She rebuffed him.
She is at home, getting ready for a run, or something. She is having a conversation with her cat, her one big reminder of the home she left behind. She decides she’ll give the game a chance. She needs to make friends, and they had made it sound interesting. She decides to go for the run first. She had time. As she goes outside, her cat runs out as well. She chases her cat, and slips on the wet grass, hitting her head.
She wakes up in Faerùn.

The guy she rebuffs guides her back. That part needs fleshing.

That’s the gist though.


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