Review: Lover Reborn

Lover Reborn
Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tohrment, son of Hharm, lost the love of his life, Wellsie, to a lesser.
He disappeared, and when he was found, he was nearly dead. He was found courtesy of an angel, Lassiter.
To save himself, Lassiter had to save himself.

No’One had been kidnapped, raped, and forced to bear the child of a sympath. She was saved by Tohr and Darius. After the birth of the child, Xhex, she committed suicide. The Scribe Virgin took pity on her and allowed her to stay with the Chosen.

When V’s sister broke her back, No’One came over to the other side with her as well. She was reunited with her daughter, and her savior.

It was a long story, but so beautifully written. The end, during the Fade ceremony, I will be honest, I cried.

I also loved seeing Xhex and John in the story. John was SUCH a big part of who Tohr was.

I’m glad that Wellsie, and their son, were able to make it to the other side, away from the In Between, that Tohr was able to find love again, and that Lassiter is going to be staying around.

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