Review: Tempting Fate

Tempting Face
Tempting Fate by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The second story in the MacGregor series, recently re-released in eBook form ($6.99 for both Nook & Kindle).

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a huge Nora Roberts fan, but honestly, of all of the series, minus Mac (book #9), this is one of my favorites.

Caine is the former Attorney General, now working in his own firm. Of him, and one other person, his secretary, a soap-opera obsessed, organized chaos type of character. A wonderful woman, though. Love her!

Diana is Justin’s sister. She thinks he abandoned her, but finds out that what she had been told was all false, with no truth.

Of course, things get all clusterfluffed when The MacGregor, Daniel, Caine’s father, gets involved. It forces Serena to give advice, which she hates, but in the end, love wins out.

It’s a beautiful story with believable happenings, amazing family dynamics that, even years after reading for the first time, I’m still jealous of.

Nora Roberts is in a class all by herself with her series. It always leaves us wanting more. Not more because something is left hanging, but more, like we would be content to read about everyday boring lives, just because we get so hooked into those characters.


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