Review: Oath of Swords

knock, knock… Hello?  Anyone remember me? You know, the other friend who reads too much? Yeah, me!  I’ve been busy with health issues and, of course, reading too much.  Now to actually post about one of those books I read. 😉

Oath of Swords is the first book in one of my favorite series by David Weber.  It is a available free for download for any e-reader and your computer from the Baen Free Library.  I have to say I love that Baen Free Library and the fact that Baen is DRM free. I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

I love the characters of Bahzell Bahnackson and Brandark Brandarkson and the situations they get into throughout the book.  Don’t be confused by the fact that Weber is most famous for his military science fiction – this is a fantasy genre book with sword fighting, wizards, and damsels in distress!  The banter between the two main characters makes laugh out loud even today, though I’ve probably read the book a dozen times.  The biggest female character, Lady Zarantha, in the book is a damsel in distress, but she is a strong woman in charge, not some weak ninny.  She pulls out a weapon several times though out her area of the book and is more than willing to do whatever needs done despite the Lady in front of her name.  This is adventure, fantasy, and not a romance.  There is no sappy love story moving the plot along.  The book resolves all the main issues that come up, but does leave some background issues out there so you know there is more time come.

Oath of Swords made me laugh as well as being a fun and easy read.  The characters (the ones we interact with more than a few time) are well written and develop through out the story.


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