Review: All Summer Long

All Summer Long (Fool's Gold, #9)All Summer Long by Susan Mallery

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think I read too fast :O

REALLY good. I got sucked in from the beginning as usual.

Charlie (or Chantal, if you’re her mother) is a firefighter.
Clay is a former butt model. *snicker*

Charlie was raped in college, and no one believed her, including her mother. She wanted to get over the fear, and enlisted Clay into helping her. It worked 😉

Charlie’s mom, a former dancer, famous dancer, comes to Fool’s Gold and tells Charlie that she’s not good enough for Clay. Clay’s mom even told Dominique that she was an idiot for saying that.

Charlie’s fighting a fire, and the building partially collapses, with her in it. Clay thinks he’s lost her. After having lost his first wife in a car accident, he’s scared of facing that pain again, so he ends it with Charlie.

Dominique, finally figuring out how to be a mother, consoles Charlie, telling her that Clay is a jackass, and didn’t deserve her. She offered Charlie her home, to heal.

Clay realizes his mistake, courtesy of his brothers. He goes to Dominique, who lays him out, but relents and helps him with Charlie.

All in all, a happily ever after story, and hints of more!!
Justice, Dominique’s former bodyguard, and Patience.
PLUS!! The Stryker sister, Evie, is “back in the fold” though not by choice.

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