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When Beauty Tamed The Beast

When Beauty Tamed the Beast (Fairy Tales, #2)When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So far this is my favorite of my recently purchased books. I love Linnet and Piers – the barbs, the intelligence, and how they grow to care about each other. I love that Piers was inspired by House from the tv show and I really enjoyed how she translated him to the time period. I loved the character of Linnet and the misunderstanding that set up the entire book made me laugh. The book made me laugh and made me almost cry and I will most definitely be reading it again.

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The Duke is Mine

The Duke Is Mine (Happily Ever Afters, #3)The Duke Is Mine by Eloisa James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thought this book was very amusing at times and was also sad in places. Olivia and her sister Georgiana spent their entire lives being trained to be duchesses due to a betrothal arranged before any of the three were born. Olivia, who is 7 minutes older than her twin, is the affianced, and while her intended Rupert is away at war (but safely out of action) she and her sister attend a party to hopefully find Georgie a husband. Throw in scientists, hijinks, a crazy mom, hormones, a daring rescue and true love and you have an excellent fast paced story with an almost completely happy ending. This is part of James’ Fairy Tale series and is based loosely on The Princess and the Pea (though the prospective mother in law runs tests that do not involve a pea). While I like the previous book When Beauty Tamed the Beast better, I really did enjoy this book and most certainly will be reading it again.

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Review: Ante Up (Down & Dirty, #3)

Ante Up (Down & Dirty, #3)Ante Up by Moira Rogers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The final book in the trilogy.
Well, novella, I guess I’d call it, instead of a book.

It was well-done, and there was some action but it was rushed, like it was an afterthought.

I like a story with bite, and this had it, but it was still just too short.

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Review: Calling the Bluff (Down & Dirty, #2)

Calling the Bluff (Down & Dirty, #2)Calling the Bluff by Moira Rogers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A continuation of the Down and Dirty series.
There are characters you saw in the first, and ones you heard discussed.

Once again, super fast, but well written. It was over before I really even had a chance to get completely sucked in, which kind of, well, sucked 😦

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Review: Wild Card (Down & Dirty, #1)

Wild Card (Down & Dirty, #1)Wild Card by Moira Rogers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Others have reviewed that it was abrupt and short.
I’ll agree with that. But it was well-written, and if there was a longer version, I’d completely read it.

It’s another unique spin on werewolves, and it is actually set in the future, but also in the past, if that makes sense.

Sex was hot and quite graphic, but not in the “practically porn” way. Just well done all around

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Review: Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis

Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor, #6)Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love going back to Lucky Harbor. So much so that I’ll be re-reading the series, just for the heck of it 😀

Anyways, on to the review of the actual novel.

Once again, I’m sucked in, straight from the beginning.
There’s heartbreak, an adorable little guy, and even a tiny little dog with the moniker of Tank.
Trust me. Tank has earned his name 😉

It’s a great story, full of love, laughter, and a few tears.

If you love the classic romance storyline, you’ll love this book.

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Review: Evening Star

Evening Star (Star #1)Evening Star by Catherine Coulter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Giana (short for Georgiana) was sent to visit her Uncle Daniele to learn about the world.
He took her to brothels, to learn the ways of men.
She was put in the Flower Auction, where they auction off, you know, women’s virginity.
Alex purchased her for $2000. Which, back in the 1800, that’s an insane amount of money.
He wasn’t able to get what he “purchased” and it pissed him off.

Fast forward 4 years, and he and Giana meet up again.
She ends up pregnant. In the 1800s.
They pretend to be married.
Things happen. The normal romance novel stuff: they fall in love.

There’s more, obviously, but it’s a good read, all in all.

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